Lauer - Topo Chico

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Type // Vinyl
Format // 12"
Catalog Nr // DGTL 009

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After DGTL’s first ever Various Artists release it is time to hand over the momentum of the 9threlease to one artist only: Lauer. Phillip Lauer has been producing and remixing for decades. He has over 250 remixes to his name, collaborations with Gerd Janson, Fabrizio Mammarella and Tim Sweeney and various EPs and albums under his Lauer moniker. For the DGTL release Lauer gives us the three-tracker Topo Chico doused with his signature sound.

A1: Lauer - Inkel Jet 880
A1: Lauer - Topo Chico
A2: Lauer - Topo Chico (Tribute Mix)

Listen to a preview of 'Lauer - Topo Chico' here: