Welcome to our Revolution Talks. We are very happy to present this speaker line-up to you, since these people are some of the creative minds behind the sustainable systems that would have been implemented during DGTL 2020 in order to become completely circular.



Xander Kotvis - Setting a Vision

Revolution Manager of festivals such as DGTL, helping them transition towards a circular and regenerative state. With DGTL Amsterdam 2020, he aimed for a fully circular festival. His approach is data-driven, and his interventions follow after setting science-based targets. By making ambitions and progress measurable, Xander wants to work with as many organizations as possible to meet the greatest challenges of our time head-on.


Mitchell van Dooijeweerd - Circular Foodcourt

Sustainability Coordinator at the Revolution Foundation, co-creator of sustainable systems and producer of the circular food court. Mitchell is responsible for making all these systems to come fruition at multiple festivals and knows all about out-of-the-box thinking. He is one of the creative minds behind these revolutionary sustainable projects and doing everything in his power to keeps this circular movement going within the event industry.


Leonie Boon - Resource Management

Active in the waste industry for 15 years and expert in the field of raw materials and recycling. She started in the festival world 10 years ago and took care of waste management for a number of large, Dutch organizers. Leonie would love to share her knowledge and guide you towards a circular and future-proof festival.


Paul Schurink - Smart Energy Plan

Expert in the field of temporary energy supply, emission, sustainability and innovations. Paul holds an MBE in energy systems and has been involved with a variety of large-scale events including the Olympic Games, UEFA EURO and Ocean Race.


Peter Scheer & Fides Lapidaire - Circular Sanitation

Peter aspires to use his expertise, knowledge and experiences to establish sustainable circular economies, with a special focus on developing areas. To reach his aspiration, Scheer founded SEMiLLA Sanitation Hubs in 2017. Fides Lapidaire is a Social Designer and co-founder of Stichting Rondgang, who focuses on closing the food cycle and fixing our nutrient leak by intergrading the usage of human poop and pee.


Timon Dijksta - Volunteer Management

Volunteer Program Leader at the Revolution Foundation. He works closely with the organizers of the biggest festivals in the Netherlands. Also, in collaboration with several educational institutes he recruits volunteers and students to partake in the journey to make this sector more sustainable.